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Imports and Sales

April 16, 2019

Points Updated

All horse points and titles are up to date as of today, 04/16/2019

February 10, 2019

Christmas Additions

We've added some new horses to our show string for 2019:

FC Snow Cat | Thoroughbred Mare

RVR Dun It Temptation | Quarter Horse Mare

WPW Vientiane | Clydesdale Mare

ART Akaroa | Pintabian Mare

Moondara Coorong | Australia Brumby Gelding

Lady in Red ZI | KWPN Mare

November 12, 2018

Fall Sales and Purchaces

Horses rehomed over the fall season

EVEC Airman

EVEC Socialite

EVEC Love and War

EVEC Repentance Moon

Horses Purchased over the fall season

Valcoast's Crossfire, Marwari Stallion

RDEC Amadeus, KWPN Stallion

RDEC Lavatin, KWPN Stallion

RDEC Diplyon, KWPN Stallion

FC Snow Cat, Thoroughbred Mare

RVR Dun it Temptation, AQHA Mare

September 10, 2018

New Thoroughbred Facilities

We're at work building a new world/facilities for our flat racers. Our old world got corrupted and no longer functions. Click the link to view our progress! New photos will be added as things are finished.

July 09, 2018

More Horse Profiles.

I've finally finished our horse profile pages. Now featuring:

ART Mazarine

EVEC Vanquish

EVEC Distortion

and WP Regal Blue.

This completes my list of horses. 

June 21, 2018

Sport Horse Facilities are here!

Our building is finally complete! 

May 24, 2018

Points and Sales Update

In the past couple of months we have sold off about half of our horses so that our riders and trainers have a more manageable load to work with. 

Horses Rehomed

- VDF Vindicated

- QM Light and Dust

- PCRA Music in Me

- PCRA La Costa
- Visionary HW
- Triple Sec
- WHEC Still Broken
- Gallaway's Fürst Romancier
- EVEC Enter the Animus
- Fine Design
- BP Golden Channel

- EVEC Midnight Sun

In other news, all point values have been updated thus far and are accurate. I will be posting a breeding ad over on Equus Community to open my stallions and mares up to the public for the month of June. Take a look!

January 01, 2018

New Year, New Ponies!

With the new year upon us brings a new set of horses! Soon to get their own pages are:

Old horses needing pages

EVEC Enter the Animus | Dutch Harness mare

WHEC Still Broken | Dutch Warmblood mare

Light and Dust QM | Hanoverian mare

WP Regal Blue | Dutch Warmblood mare

Triple Sec | Irish Draught Horse mare

WM End Run | Criollo stallion

NEW for 2018

ART Mazarine | Pintabian stallion

October 01, 2017

Tour our Facilities!

We've added and updated our facilities! Go and check them out.

July 02, 2017

DVEC Vuelt

Our most successful stallion is up for stud for one final time! He has three slots open, and will continue to compete until he hits 200 pts in both of his disciplines. He's already extremely close. Check him out!

June 30, 2017

Welcome to our website!

Welcome to Echo Valley Equestrian Center's website! Today is the launch, and while I do not have everything up yet, I will be working proactively to get all of our horses' pages up and ready for viewing.  As I have many four legged friends, it may be a few weeks to get everything settled, but I promise they will be up and properly credited. Thank you for your patience!

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